5 DIY Ideas to Save on Kitchen Cabinets

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5 DIY Ideas to Save on Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is arguably the most used part of any home. That’s why most of the renovation projects are directed towards the kitchen.

As the kitchen occupies the top place in the home renovation projects, same goes with the kitchen cabinets when we start to plan the kitchen remodeling. Kitchen cabinets even take the lion share of the total investment you are planning to spend on the renovation of your kitchen.

However, replacing the cabinets is not the only option you have. As per the the expert kitchen contractors in Renovaten , kitchen cabinets provide you with the perfect canvas to try some amazing DIY ideas. There are several simple DIY ideas that will enable you to utilize your creativity and surely save a handsome amount of money.

1. Two Colored Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets in two colors look like a common thing but believe me it will bring an amazing twist in your kitchen. Paint the lower cabinets with a dark color and the upper part goes with a light color. To make it even more special, including the walls with at least 6 inches of the cabinets painted with a dark color. It is a very simple and economical update that will have a great outcome.

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2. Bring Back the Beautiful Brass Fixtures

Brass Fixtures in the kitchen were once regarded very highly. Then they were replaced by the matt black, steel, and nickel fixtures. However, a new generation of the brass fixture has come, and it is reclaiming its lost place in the kitchen. Brass handles on a light-colored cabinet will create a very soft and gentle contrast that looks amazing to the eyes without costing you much.

3. Shaker-Style Cabinets

Got bored with your cabinets? Turn your boring cabinets into the stylish looking shaker-style cabinets. It seems complicated but in fact, it is not. Take the doors of your cabinets and clean them thoroughly and sand them to make them smooth. Use plywood to make the trims and feel free to paint them with a color of your likings. Reinstall them and you have totally change the look of your cabinets. It is very simple and requires a small amount of money.

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4. LED Lighting

Beautiful upper and lower LED cabinet lightings will convert it into the showstopper feature of your kitchen. Get rid of the vintage heavy incandescent lighting with the sleek, light-weight, inexpensive and easy to install LED lighting. There is no need of the complicated wirings, rather install them on your cabinets and simply plug them. These beautiful lights attach with the cabinets very easily due to the adhesive present on their backs.

5. Crown Molding

If you are bored of the look of your cabinets, give them a grandeur upgrade with the stylish crown moldings. It will not only change the appearance of your cabinets but also make them look taller. Don’t try to install the molding directly on the cabinets rather make a small frame and attach the molding to it. Then attach it on the cabinets.

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Kitchen remodeling never means having upgrades that require a hefty investment. Rather, you should use your creativity and there are a number of wonderful kitchen renovation ideas that don’t cost you too much money. You can do it yourself or even hire trusted kitchen contractors for it. In each case, these ideas will be of great help in bringing the interest and elegance back in your kitchen.

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