A 5-step guide to Fix Sagging Ceiling Tiles

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A 5-step guide to Fix Sagging Ceiling Tiles

The ceiling is an important feature of a space both in term of attraction and safety. Tiles are installed in ceilings to enhance the look of the room. But if the tiles are sagging, it not only hampers the look of the spacey but endangers the safety as well. It can fall any tie and can cause an accident. Hence, it’s important to fix sagging ceiling tiles as early as possible.

Tiles are fixed in the ceilings using a grid called furring. Furring holds the tiles in the ceiling and makes them as a part of it. Following the below-mentioned procedure can assist you to fix sagging ceiling tiles easily.

Things You Require to Fix Sagging Tiles

Before starting the procedure of fixing ceiling tiles, keep the tools which are needed during the process with you. Three things are required in this procedure i.e. staples, stapler, and a putty knife.

Step by Step Guide to Fix Sagging Ceiling Tiles

Here is step by step guide to fix sagging ceiling tiles.

 1. Identify the Cause of Sagging Tiles

Identify the cause of sagging tiles. As it is more necessary to address the cause of the problem than the problem itself. Water seepage is the common reason for sagging ceiling tiles. Once you have addressed this issue, sagging ceiling tiles can be fixed without getting worried about future problems.

 2. Remove loose tiles

After rectifying the cause, the next step is to detach the tile from the ceiling. While removing the loose tiles, make sure fixed tiles do not get disturbed.

 3. Use Ceiling Adhesives

Apply ceiling adhesives on the inner side of tiles and furring with the help of a putty knife and place the tile on furring and use staple gun to staple the tiles and furring. Different type of ceilings needs different adhesive material for fixing.  For example, a staple gun is used to staple tiles on furring, but glue is used in plaster ceilings to attach sagging tiles.

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 4. Maintain Uniformity

Fix the tiles in a uniform manner. Check the uniformity of the tiles after fixation. Use a single technique for fixing all tiles to maintain a uniform appearance.

 5. Prevent Future Sagging

Make sure to prevent the sagging of ceilings tiles in future by rectifying the cause of sagging as prevention is always better than cure.

Various tiles repairing kits are available in the market to help you to fix sagging tiles without seeking help from professional. But, this is a little bit difficult and tricky. So, if you want professional results, hire home improvement contractors as they are experts in dealing with sagging ceiling tiles.

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