5 Tips to Enhance the Look of Your Ceilings

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5 Tips to Enhance the Look of Your Ceilings

Ceiling gives your home the luxurious look and it lifts the room. Ceiling not only protects from debris falling from above but also create a calm and beautiful environment in the room. To improve the decor and look of the room, great attention should be given to the ceilings. Ceilings not only cover the electrical and plumbing work above but also affect your costs of the energy consumed.

Mostly when people think to upgrade their rooms, prime attention is given to the walls and the floor. But there is a fifth wall too, the Ceiling. Especially when you see sagging ceiling tiles, it’s time to be concerned. It is also time to find ways to enhance the look of your ceiling. Before approaching somebody, here are some tips which will help you to bring your ceilings a fresh look.

  1. Paint can help to resolve your issues

To dress up your ceiling, the most economical tool is the paint. Just the color of the paint can give your ceiling a different look. Dark colors bring coziness while the light colors make space look wide. Painting the ceiling in coordination with the walls will give your room a new look. But be careful with the paint selection. You can choose from a wide range of colors and a good contrast between ceiling and wall paint will uplift your room. To get a great graphic impact, You can do paint stripes too.

  1. Tiles and Planks give you the dream look you want

Use ceiling tiles to change the look of your room. Variety of tiles are available. You can go for suspended aluminum ceiling tiles, high-quality PVC gypsum ceiling tiles or the tin tiles. These tiles will not only bring the change you need but also cover the uneven and broken surfaces. Secondly, you can use paint of your choice on the tiles to attain the desired look. Wood look planks is a nice way to add a cozier and warm look to your room.  This will create an upscale feel in your home.

  1. Medallion make the room Marvelous

A quick and effective thing to remodel the ceiling is to add a Medallion. These will draw everyone’s attention immediately and will bring the change you need. You can go for several small medallions in a long room. It is very beautiful and easy to install the thing. A simple adhesive will hold it and screws and nails will secure it. You have the luxury to choose from a large range. Go for striking colors and designs. Glowing colors will bring light to your room and the room will become a place to go.

ceiling cover

  1. Wallpaper a creative step to take

The versatile and the latest thing to do is to wallpaper the ceiling above. You can have endless designs from the wide range of textures and patterns available in the market. It fits well with different surfaces. A bold color will highlight the ceiling features you want to show. A light or dark color selection will change the look of your room accordingly.

  1. Define areas with a Layered Drywall ceiling

When it is hard to define the boundaries between dining and living rooms in open and flexible areas, a thick layer of drywall on the Ceiling will separate each area. It will also highlight the architectural designs without compromising the airy and bright look of the area. It is a very easy to install and multifunctional thing. Crisp and eye-catching designs can be created without casting shadows.

Ceiling Remodeling


It is always very easy when you are planning something new to build, but very tough to remodel or improve the look of something in your home. Remodeling requires a lot of thinking and experience. So, always go for the home improvement contractors who are credible and have the experience to back. These things cost a lot of money, so should be done with great attention. Redoing a ceiling is a hectic and expensive job so, think well and made a good decision when planning to improve your Ceilings.

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