Top 5 Flooring Trends For 2019

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Top 5 Flooring Trends For 2019

Interior designing is an art and you can make your home very artistic by remodeling your flooring. In the previous year, hardwood and marble floors were the trendiest options. Some other synthetic flooring materials like carpets and tiles were also in the top charts. Following the drift, here are 5 flooring trends for 2019:

Choosing the Right Material:

When it comes to the flooring renovation, fashion is an important aspect these days. But, with the looks, you must buy something that is easy to maintain, and of good quality. There are several options available in the market from multiple kinds of material; hardwood, tiles, stones, carpets, wood resins, corks etc. Make sure the materials can be recycled, eco-friendly and waterproof. A lot of materials are sensitive to water. However, it is hard for common people to decide on materials because they are not able to understand what materials are beneficial to consider. That’s the reason its best to choose the help of local flooring contractor as they can offer professional guidance according to your needs.

Vibrant Color Choice

It depends a lot on what color scheme and theme you have given to the rest of your room. Choosing the right color for your flooring can give it a great feel of the overall room. It is preferred that you choose to floor of bright color if you want to give it a more modern look or you can give it a rather dark-woody shade to make it look vintage.

Durability Matters

“Even from those who are fairest we expect better things” – Shakespeare’s Lost Sonnets: A Restoration of the Runes.

Indeed, this applies to your flooring because we just don’t want something to be a showpiece; it must be reliable and strong in order to last long. It must be able to resist weather changes. Humidity, dry winds, and factors like precipitations can affect your floor’s robustness. Therefore, its recommended to perform some research and see what kind of materials would be better according to your region or you can ask some best local contractor for detailed information.

Aesthetic Designing

When you have completed the rest of the homework for your flooring, now is the right time you decide the design. The right texture and a good finishing choice would matter a lot. Smooth and glossy finishes would look great on stone floors. Wooden or carpeted floors can follow certain patterns. A spacious room would look good with wide wooden blocks. There may be some contractors in your region who offer custom made designs.

Remember these tips to not only make your flooring look trendy but also durable. Take your time to decide. There are plenty of options available in the market. You can always seek help from your home improvement contractors who can guide you from materials selection to designs according to your needs.

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