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6 Tips to Remodel Your Small Bathroom

We all want a bathroom which can provide function and comfort at the same time. It should have all the amenities which we need. But it’s a difficult task to fit everything in a small bathroom.

We all dream of a giant bathroom but that does not actually happen, so we need to work with space which we got. There are many bathrooms remodel ideas which will turn your bathroom remodeling dreams into reality. In this article, few ideas are discussed. By following these ideas, you can make your small bathroom look spacious and beautiful.

Use Shower Instead of Tub

If your bathroom is extra small, replace your bathtub with a shower. It is considered most trendy among bathroom remodel ideas. Bathtub in a tiny bathroom makes it look even tinier. Now a day’s people prefer a shower instead of tubs to save storage space.

Placement of the Sink

Place a sink in the corner as it will free up much space and it will not disturb the traffic lane.  Placing sink in the corner of bathroom saves space and add convenience without scarifying style and class.

Tricks to Mount Vanity

Mount the vanity above the floor in a small bathroom. It will make the bathroom looks more spacious. Moreover, it will also leave storage space for small things.  Mount an open shelf and round corner vanity in your small bathroom

Where to Mount Towel bar

It’s essential to keep a towel in the bathroom to dry off hands. So, if there is very less space available mount your towel bar on the door. You can also place hooks on the back of the door to save space.

How Should be Faucet of Sink

Use a wall mounted faucet in small bathrooms. It is trendy as well as handy. It can allow you to mount narrow sink and vanity hence making the bathroom more spacious.


Lighting enhances the look of every space. It can make the space brighter. Moreover, it plays an important role in making space look bigger. Use recessed lights for your bathroom. Install lights at those places where light is not blocked by walls or cabinets.

These tips can help your small bathroom look bigger and classy. You can also consult home renovation contractors for further assistance. With the help of home renovation contractors, you can have your desired bathroom in the available space and budget.

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