7 Clever Gadgets to Make Sure You Never Misplace Home Keys

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7 Clever Gadgets to Make Sure You Never Misplace Home Keys

Do you spend hours of your day searching the couches and cushion for your lost home keys? What else can be more annoying?

It is too often for me that I misplace my keys and spend time searching high and low for them. That is why I can better feel this pain.

It can happen with everyone at some point or another. If you will not designate a specific key place for your home keys, they can end up anywhere in your home under the cushions, beds or even inside the cupboard.

Here, I have compiled a list of few cute little gadgets which can help you keep track of your home keys.

  1. Trinket dish for Keys

If you are in habit of dropping your keys anywhere, the best is to drop them is in their special place. Trinket key dishes are the best option for their safekeeping. You can also put your other random items such as watches, cell phone in them depending upon the size of the dish you have.

  1. Magnetic Key Holder

The magnetic key holder is another ideal choice for holding your home keys. They are available in different attractive characters such as Pooh, kitty etc. to remind you of hanging your keys there. If you do not want to add such character in your home, wooden magnetic key holders are the perfect alternative which works the same way.

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  1. Switch Board Magnetic Hooks and Organizers

Your switchboard is the perfect place to mount your magnetic hooks. Light switchboard can not only serve as the place to save your keys, but it can also serve as a wall organizer. To make use of your switchboard for multi purposes, design a creative switch cover where you can mount your key hooks and place your mails. There is no risky element in it, however, before doing anything with the electrical features it is best to take the advice of professional home renovation contractors first.

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  1. Fun Phrase Key Hooks

A fun phrase wall hanging with built-in key hooks can have the maximum potential to draw your attention and remind you to hang your keys. You can easily make such hanging yourself. Simply choose any of your favorite phrase frames and attach a few small key hooks with it, and your fun phrase key hook is ready.

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  1. Home Shaped Key Hooks

If you want something unique, try inserting key hooks in a small toy house. You can easily get a toy house or a birdhouse where you can attach small key hooks to place your keys safely. Another cute way to utilize this house concept is the one with different key places for family members. Simply cut a house shaped in a wooden sheet. Draw individual designs for family members inside it and cut it down. Attach the key with designs and hang them up.

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  1. Wrench Key Hooks

DIYers like me are well aware of the importance of wrench, as this is our best helper while doing most projects. However, the use of a wrench shaped key hook will probably surprise you. Fasten this to a wall by using two screws and save your keys in place.

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  1. Driftwood Key Hooks

If you live beside a beach, you can get a chance of finding a piece of driftwood on the shore or you can use any wood piece to create this beautiful key hooks. Just get some key hooks and screwed them onto the wood and you will get a great place for hanging your home keys.

These little key hooks have the maximum potential to serve you big. Using these unique hooks will save your hours and efforts spent in the laborious task of searching your lost keys. If these brilliant key hooks cannot help you, you still got the option of technology for safekeeping of your home keys.

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