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Black Feature Wall Ideas to Showcase Your Style

White is the color of choice for many people. Most of the modern design trends incorporate white color in their style when it comes to remodeling. With so much white around us, introducing a bit of black is a devoir thing to do.

Normally black is a color which is assigned to the window and door frames to highlight them. This is a trivial role but without it, the room will become extra white and boring. There is a lot more you can do with this beautiful color. It can bring an amazing sense of sophistication which will suit perfectly to your room.

Have a black accent wall in your room and it will instantly become the focal point in your room settings. A fabulous thing to do is to have an entire room in white with the addition of the stylish and bold dark accent wall.

It is a wrong perception to avoid black color indoors rather home improvement contractors endorse the idea of a black featured wall because of the flexibility and finesse it offers. Add a dash of black in your white room and see the magic it unravels.

1. Beautiful Patterns and Styles

The black is a very versatile color as it can adapt very easily with different decorating styles. To have a vintage looking, rustic, or even an eclectic room, try an accent wall clad in black. This will uplift your room in an unprecedented way. You can add smart patterns with the black accent wall and it will add another layer of design to your room. A very key thing is to keep the remaining room neutral, so it will not overload with the patterns.

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2. Black Gives Curated Look

Black featured wall not only acts as a headboard wall rather it gives your room an extra curated and contemporary appeal. It also highlights the other important parts of your room. Fuse the black accent wall with the white walls and have a lively feel and elegant looks in your room. This beautiful feature enables you to have any style like a farmhouse, rustic, modern, or industrial in the room.

black feature wall

3. A Beautiful Backdrop for Wall Art

With a black accent wall, you have an excellent backdrop to hang your favorite wall art pieces in the room. A black wall in all white room draws all the attention immediately and it will highlight the art additions you made to your room. Whether it is a collection of family photos or the classy masterpiece, the black featured wall is an excellent place to hang them.

black feature wall

There is no doubt that white is the color of choice for the indoors. However, these days people tend to go for color contrasts and typical one-color standards are gone. Adding black to your indoors is the latest home improvement trend to follow. Painting one wall in black will have a dramatical effect on the overall look of your room. This black textured wall is a great addition to your room but keeping the balance between the different colors is very critical.

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