Step by Step Guide for Ceiling installation

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Step by Step Guide for Ceiling installation

We pay a lot of money and attention to our home but the ceiling mostly gets overlooked. Boring and bland white color ceilings are now out of fashion. A little more attention to the ceiling will change the overall look of your home. Latest ceiling designs will give every room a different look and décor. So, when you are planning a new home, give ceiling the importance it deserves.

You can choose your design from a variety of available options. You can have a uniform design for the home or can go for different styles for each room. However, great care is required for the installation of the ceiling. You can take advice from friends or family or go to the experienced and efficient ceiling installation contractors. Before going any further, here is a step by step guide for ceiling installation which will help you in making a decision.

  1. Which ceiling you want

First and foremost, decide what type of ceiling you want in your home. There are a number of attractive and beautiful ceiling designs like exposed beams ceiling, vaulted ceiling, suspended ceiling, tray ceiling or dome ceiling. Make your mind first and then go for the required ceiling design.

  1. Ceiling Frames are very important

Take great care of the wooden frames as they will hold the ceiling. The wooden frame should have parallel beams with regular spacings. As the roof beams vary in height, adjust the height of the frame accordingly. Now you can install the ceiling panels.

  1. Don’t ignore the Insulations

Insulation is very important. Take great care as it will keep your room’s temperature in check. Normally you will find insulation in a general size, so it will fit well the strut spacings. Take safety measures into consideration while installing insulation panels. Dust masks, safety glasses, and gloves save you from a number of hazards.

  1. It’s time to install the ceiling panels

When you are done with the insulation, start installing the ceiling panels. Always start from one side. Ceiling panels should not touch the wall. Leave a small gap between the panels and the wall. Finish the first row before attaching the other row. Take care of the last part. It will not fit well so you have to improvise. Take the accurate measurements of the frame and adjust the ceiling panel accordingly.

  1. Good finishing will magnify the look

When the installation is complete, don’t relax. Good finishing will bring the luxurious look to your ceiling. Remove debris and dust from the panels. If there are gaps between the panels, fill them with the grouting paste. Cover the outer edges of the ceiling with beautiful strips. Use medallions made from plaster of Paris. Wallpapers can help you in giving colors to your ceiling.

Ceiling Remodeling

The ceiling of the home is a one time job. You can not redo it again and again. So, take extra care when going for the ceiling. You can go to the trustworthy and experienced home remodeling contractors as this is their daily job. But before going any further, take above-mentioned steps into consideration as they will be of great help in installation of the ceiling.

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