Tiles: A Classy Way to Decorate Your Bathroom

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Tiles: A Classy Way to Decorate Your Bathroom

Traditionally the bathroom was considered to be a simple place in the home. But the time has changed and we have come a long way forward from this concept. Now the bathrooms reflect luxury and elegance and the homeowner’s focus a lot on their bathrooms in terms of style and sleekness. With changing trends and seasons, there is also a shift in the additions you make to your bathroom and decorative pieces that give a new look to your bathroom. There are some classic trends which will stay for some time and then there are smart trends that bring novelty and freshness to the bathrooms. One of the most refreshing and unique trends is the tiles.

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If you want to give an instant face-lift to your bathroom then the tiles are the best choice. There are multiple trends regarding tiles, trendy classic and the latest decorating style. Some are effortless to incorporate than others. Tiles can be laid in different styles to have unique designs and patterns and that’s why they are highly regarded by the bathroom remodeling contractors. Here we will mention some vivid tile ideas that might just be the right choice for your bathroom.

  1. Beautiful porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are the best flooring choice for the high traffic areas like a living room. Secondly, porcelain tiles due to their wood-like effect are an excellent replacement for the hardwood flooring. The impervious porcelain tiles give your flooring a very sleek, neat, and beautiful look. Porcelain tiles are very durable, water resistant, and easily maintainable.

  1. Pebbles and stone

You can have a spa-inspired look and textural contrast in your home with the river rocks, polished stones, or just pebble tiles. Pebble tiles and river rocks give a very calming look to your bathroom. Make a big impact instantly by using the pebble tiles near the bathtub, shower area, or any section of the bathroom floor. Another great advantage is their availability in a wide range of colors. You can easily match the pebble tiles according to the color scheme of your bathroom.

  1. An alluring feature wall

There are many ways to have a beautiful featured wall in your bathroom but we recommend to go with the tiles this time. Due to their versatility in colors, tiled backdrops are a hot trend that you can not avoid. A common alternative for the colorful backdrop is to have less flashy subway tiles. Accent wood wall in the bathroom is a good choice to have but it demands a little bit more attention and cares.

  1. Hexagonal tiles: a modern classic

There are some design trends which change with the passage of time and some that develop features and start to define an entire era. The beautiful hexagonal tiles fall in the second group. Whether in bright colors, brilliant hues or in neutral colors, the hexagonal tiles are highly noticeable. Placing these amazing tiles near the shower area while keeping the rest of the bathroom neutral will make your bathroom more gorgeous.Bathroom Renovations

Tiles being beautiful, resistant to water, resistant to wear and tear, and available in a wide range of designs and colors are the best choice for the flooring of your home. Addition of beautiful tiles for the floors is a bit expensive but astute home improvement idea that will pay a lot in the future. Choose a flooring style for your home which is rustic, eclectic, artistic or shabby with a touch of elegance. Addition of a beautiful vintage bathtub, a lovely chandelier, and a weathered surmount wooden vanity to complete the genteel space.


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