Types and Causes of Ceiling Damage

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Types and Causes of Ceiling Damage

Ceiling not only gives your room an elegant look by covering the electrical cables and pipes, but it also provides the necessary protection from fluctuating temperatures and debris falling from the roof.

Normally home ceilings are not a top priority matter but when there are visible signs of ceiling damage then it’s a matter of urgent attention. It is recommended to seek help from wall & ceiling contractors to fix this problem as soon as possible. In this article, different ways and reasons of ceiling damage are discussed.

Different Ways of Ceiling Damage

There are different signs to see for the ceiling damage.

  1. Decolorization of Ceiling

Normally ceilings are bright colored and eye-catching and any change in the color is prominent and immediately comes in a notice. When there is decolorization then surely there is something wrong.

  1. The craze in the Ceilings

Crazes can come in the ceilings.  It can be scattered or straight. When you see these lines or cracks you should be concerned.

  1. Sagging Ceilings

When there is a bulge appear in the ceiling then this is a big red flag. Ceilings should be straight but if there are bending down then it’s time to check.

  1. Paint Flaking

When you see flakes of paint on your ceiling then it shows that you are in trouble. It shows it has not been painted for quite a long time.

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Here are some of the causes of the damage of Ceilings

  1. Presence of Water

For the sagging, peeling and decolorization issues, pooling of water over the ceiling is the main culprit. Now, this water might be coming from a minute hole in the roof or a water pipe is broken. Also, a broken shower from the bathroom above can be a cause for this issue. First, try to pinpoint the issue and if it is out of your area of expertise then check with a reputed and experienced wall and ceiling contractors of your area.

  1. Moisture can be another cause

Too much moisture causes too much trouble, especially in the ceilings. Damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens are the prime target for mold formations and which results in crazing, flaking, and decolorization. Proper ventilation can save you from headaches. Secondly, if the area is too humid then dehumidifiers can be used. But best is to talk to home renovation contractors who can solve your issues expertly.

  1. Cracks in the ceiling tell a bad story

When there are crazes or cracks in the ceilings then it shows possibly you have some structural issues. Your home may be settling down which is not good.

If the crazes or cracks appeared are getting big then it is a cause of immediate concern. You should immediately contact reputed and well-experienced home renovation contractors. These signs show your home is getting old and it urgently needs some expert home renovation contractors to rejuvenate and last long.

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